Now Is the Right Time to Visit Your Choice Grants Pass Lodging

There are various travel and booking sites that make it easy to locate some of the best Grants Pass Lodgings deals. Besides, the area in Southern Oregon is known for presenting an outstanding selection of Lodgings, which include the Redwood Hyperion Suites.

Spoilt for Choice

Whether you want a place to rest or you are on business, Inns in Grants Pass have numerous options open to you that are only a click away. Travel sites like Tripadvisor and Expedia will allow you to narrow down your search results by hotel chain, star rating, nearby attractions, amenities, free parking, pet-friendly hotels, babysitting, and fitness centers. You can find more here Grants Pass Lodging – Redwood Motel.

Visitors Rave About Hotels and Lodgings

A visitor to one of the top ten Hotels in Grants Pass was extremely satisfied with his hotel room. What was genuinely refreshing was the hearty welcome at the front desk upon arrival.

The receptionist even suggested dinner at one of the top restaurants in the area. The room itself was immaculate. There was one small little hiccup that got sorted out almost immediately.

“The card I was given did not open the suite, so I was given a new one within minutes, and the assistant even followed up to ensure everything else is okay. Such excellent service is rare to find. The breakfast was quite an experience, and the lovely stainless cutlery proved to be a welcome change from what I’m used to.”

Another traveler enjoyed the hot breakfast and was told that there are numerous options and the chef will even customize the meal according to taste and preference. The usual cold options were also available in the form of fruit, muffins, and yogurt. What is more, the breakfast host was amiable, welcoming and kind. The rooms itself were comfortable and clean. The couple said they would definitely pay a visit again.


How the Redwood Hyperion Suites Keeps on Impression Visitors from Far and Wide

There is just something special about the Redwood Lodging in Grants Pass. Most would be in awe of the pristine grounds and nearby amenities.

Then again, the opportunity presents itself to visit the redwoods that feature the most fantastic redwood trees. That would of course, depend on what you’ve planned, and how the weather will behave at the time. Personally, we favor October to June as the weather is relatively cool and moist. November to April is when people feel like they have the place to themselves. The absolute best time to visit the area proves to be during winter, like December and January. Winter rates at the Redwood Hyperion start at only $140 per night. Visitors from abroad would find June to October to be better months.

An Experience to Remember Right

People come from all over the country to experience what the Redwood Hyperion Suites hotels have to offer. One such couple has used the Lodging many times. They were more than impressed with the friendly staff they found over here and the fact that the rooms were so spotlessly clean and well decorated.

One business person loved the Redwood Lodging so much that he stayed over many times. After all, the rooms are always spotless. He was totally blown away by the honesty of staff members as he left some relevant documents and notes behind once. Soon after he received a call to inform him that he needs to return at his earliest convenience to pick it up at the reception.

A young lady, who was on her way to Orange Torpedo Trips for a whitewater rafting experience like no other, decided to stop by the Redwood Hyperion Suites on her way to the Rogue River and wanted to overnight at theHotel. What a great experience she had. The staff was helpful and friendly. Her room had a small eating area and two flat screen TVs. The breakfast was delicious, and she vowed to bring her dog with her next time she pays a visit over here.

Most people who are en-route to one or the other attraction in Grants Pass decide to stop by the Redwood Motel as they overheard how accommodating and friendly the management and staff are over there. The grounds are in perfect condition at all times. The rooms and suites are updated and sparkless. Did we mention that you get a free breakfast?

Why wait when you can stay over at one of the best Lodgings in Grants Pass.