Medford Oregon Real Estate Gurus Explain How to Stage Your Kitchen When Selling Your House

One of the best ways to attract home buyers in Medford Oregon is to ensure the main attraction, your kitchen is clean, bright and welcoming, which requires no expensive overhaul. Learn about Medford Or homes for sale.

No doubt, major kitchen overhauls will cost one a considerable sum or money. Something that cannot quickly be recovered once you sell. Rather than think about a full-on remodel, one could consider a few small changes to update your kitchen as suggested by Medford Oregon real estate professionals.

Instead of replacing the kitchen cabinets, it can be painted. Swop out your hardware and roll the rug out. Any appliances in need of replacement do not have to be replaced using state-of-the-art equipment.

All you need is a bright, fresh, and clean kitchen to attract buyers.

Would you like to know how to prep your kitchen before selling your home?

Read on to hear what expert Real Estate agencies advise on prepping your kitchen area.

The secret to staging your kitchen successfully is to get clear on your goals from the word go. One need to ensure the entire area:

  • Look, smells and feel fresh and clean
  • Appear spacious and light where there is sufficient room inside the kitchen closets and cupboards.
  • Is good looking and tasteful with no out of date features.
  • Indicate signs of life without being messy
  • Proves to be welcoming and comfortable to envision in the buyer’s head concerning space.

10 Tips to Get Your Kitchen Area in Tip Top Condition

Follow along as we discuss the following ten tips:

1: Ensure your kitchen receive a professional clean by hiring the pros. It is the best investment one can make when thinking of selling your home. A sparkling-clean cooking area is the best way to make an impression.

2: Be super aware of any odors by ensuring any garbage, pet related and recycled material are removed before showcasing your home. Take the time to clean both inside and under any containers. Put a lemon down in your garbage disposal area. Nothing would turn off a potential buyer quicker than signs of a bad smell

3: Use fresh paint. In addition to cleaning, giving your living areas a tint will make a huge difference. Rather than play around with different colors when painting your kitchen, use crisp white. Touch up any imperfections and even tiny ones. Just a tip, sellers need to think of their home as a property that is to be sold and not as a home.

4: Keep windows clear and clean. Thoroughly clean your kitchen windows. You may have heavy coverings on your windows, which you should remove when cleaning. When you show your home be sure these are entirely open.

5: Clear the kitchen counters. The only items that should be on the table are your coffeemaker and toaster. Everything else needs to be out of sight.

6: Keep your inside cupboards clean: Prospective buyers will all peek inside your kitchen cupboards. Ensure these are not overstuffed so that it does not give off the impression there isn’t enough space in your kitchen area. Get rid of excess stuff or any mismatched items. Keep anything you still need to use in a box on a high shelf that is outta sight.

7: Organize Your Pantry. Pare back the contents of the kitchen pantry until you have more open space on every shelf. Organize anything that is left into open baskets or matching food storage containers. If possible, keep extra goods in your pantry out of sight when showings are on.

8: Style any open shelving. Somehow, most folks have a love-hate relationship concerning open shelving. It may look great, but it proves to be a challenge to keep it looking good. Instead, show potential buyers how useful and great looking open shelving can be. It would be a smart move on your part to display matching sets of everyday dishes. An idea is to use clear glasses and white plates.

9: Set fancy dish and hand soap on a tray. Make sure you get rid of goopy dish soap containers and gross old sponges. Replace these with nice-looking hand soap and lotion, as well as dish soap that is displayed on a neat tray.

10: Shine all faucets. Gleaming and pretty taps make for a good impression. Fix any leaking while you are at it.

Speak to expert Realtors in Medford Oregon about ways to spruce up the look of your home before selling it.