Maximize Your Home Value Using Commercial Landscaping Services

When you own your own home, the time will come, sooner or later, that you decide to sell that home. In fact, you might have sold a home or two already previously in your life. Modern homeowners usually move more often than their parents were used to and that is why they callĀ Commercial Landscaping Pros in Medford.

There are a number of factors that all work together in maximizing the potential sale value of your home, but curb appeal needs to be the very first thing you look into. When any potential buyer, or even realtors for that matter, pull up to your home, they will inevitably form immediate opinions regarding your home. Whether it’s fair or not, that’s just what folks do. You might have the most gorgeous home in this part of Oregon, but if potential buyers don’t get giddy about your house the second they pull up and look at it, they’ll walk into your home with negative vibes, if they get out of the car at all.

Fixing this is simple enough to accomplish, as you can use commercial landscaping Medford, Oregon services to create a virtual dreamscape around your home that invites buyers in.

When someone pulls up or walks up to your house, they don’t see one thing, but in fact two. They see the house of course, but they also see the landscaping in front of and around the house. When the landscaping isn’t very attractive, then the house will also look unattractive, even if it isn’t. The two need to gel quite well. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot to landscape for curb appeal, since it’s really just a case of being sure that the landscaping is neat, colorful, and has well-defined edges. One of the most crucial things you can when landscaping just for curb appeal is to raise your beds using topsoil. This is something you should have done before planting.

Plants will do a lot better when they’re in raised beds, but plants in beds also stand out visually more. However, do you really know how to create beds on your own? It’s not hard, but in everything else you’ve got going on, it might be worth farming this project out to a commercial landscaper in the Medford area. They already have experience in establishing planting bed outlines, cutting edges into the soil with a spade (do you even own one?), and then filling all the planting beds with around 10 inches of a good and rich topsoil. Retention walls aren’t even necessary, but you have the creative freedom of deciding for yourself whether or not you want them.

Using a commercial landscaper can also mean you avoid the pitfalls that other Medford, Oregon home sellers might fall into. Plastic edging is one of them. This stuff costs more than it should, it’s a pain to install, which means buyers have to then go through the pain of uninstalling it, and it rarely stays in the place it’s supposed to. Again, a professional landscaper can just cut an edge using a spade and make your landscape look the better for it. Then, beds can be enlarged at any time, be it you or the future homeowner bringing their own vision to the yard. You want the landscape to look great and inviting, but potential buyers should see their own possibilities if they want.

Plant selection and placements are even more crucial in landscaping to improve your home appeal. Every corner bed needs a centerpiece. Canadian Hemlocks are great choices, given how evergreen they are, which means year-round color but also solid background for more vibrant plants. You might even choose more evergreens that have their own bright color to go in front of your Hemlock, but don’t overdo it. The right landscaping professional knows which plants thrive in the area of Medford and can create colorful groupings that bring beauty to your yard any time of year.

So what’s the biggest advantage of using commercial landscaping Medford, Oregon services to amp up your curb appeal? It might not be the boosted home value, but rather the experience and connections you need to be sure your new home gets landscaped just how you want it! And that’s the eventual goal behind all this anyway!