Riggins River Rafting and Other Useful Fun Activities in Idaho

Now that Summer showed its face, and the sun is making its appearance quite often, the time has come to tackle that much-awaited trip with your buddies. Where should you go? California? No, it’s too crowded, Florida? Not this year, What about Riggins River rafting and other fun activities within Idaho? Look no further for riggins white water rafting.

For your next mancation, Idaho is definitely worth having a look at. Since you haven’t given Idaho much thought until now, it might help to find out which activities are best to engage in to fill your time. Follow along as we discuss some useful ideas.

Useful and Engaging Activities In and Around Idaho

Idaho has more areas that are covered by rivers than any other state. Concerning river rafting, you can look forward to trips that range from easy to expert level and lasting anywhere from only a ½ day trip to a 8-day excursion.

Idaho’s rafting is a trip you and your buddies should not miss. Over here, you get to experience just a small section of the state’s 3,000 miles of whitewater. The best time to tackle such adventures would be any time between April and November.

Fly Fishing

Idaho is noted for its clean water and natural streams, and with the many fish native to the state you can’t go wrong spending time on the river fishing. Live off the land by camping and getting your feast of cutthroat trout and Chinook salmon in the Lake Coeur d’Alene camping resort or spend the time on the beautiful Snake River and get your fill. Don’t neglect to get your three-day, non-resident fishing license to cast your line with no regrets!


Bond with your buddies while reveling in the “Idaho Golf Trail,” comprising four loops of first-class courses in the center of the fantastic Idaho scenery


Idaho has over 19,000 miles of mountain pathways, desert back ways, and paved roads to satisfy all your outdoor appetites. Spend a couple of days hiking your way through from Jump Creek to Sands Basin and experience the fantastic 60-foot waterfall and roam the canyon with high, vibrant rock surfaces, or just put in a few hours hiking in the Boise foothills with lovely valley views by running creeks.

Mountain Biking

If you’re hoping to remain off your feet but yet wish to be active, be sure to investigate one of the many mountain bike trails. Check out the Kelly Canyon/Table Rock trail outside Ririe for intermediate riders. If you’re thinking of challenging yourself, travel the Rocky Creek Loop outside Leadore. The ride is rough, but the benefit is worth it — a remote trail in the breathtaking Idaho wilderness.


Why not see Idaho from the road less traveled? Idaho has many scenic drives that serve as an excellent means to explore the state. You can revel in the views of the gigantic rift and lofty cliffs separating Idaho from Oregon on the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway, or take in the animals on the Wildlife Scenic Byway. The choices are limitless.


Staying in Idaho will strengthen your involvement in the state. We suggest either camping in the vast outdoors, living in yurts, or appreciating your time on a guest ranch.

Camping is hard to get wrong. It’s easy to do things wrong, but if you get it right, then you can’t go wrong, and Idaho is no exception. Grab your tent, take your colleagues, and try the wilderness; you won’t regret it.

If you don’t have a tent to use, reserve yourself a yurt today. They can be found all over Idaho — in state forests or backcountry locations — and offer an excellent alternative to experience the state’s landscape. Yurts house five to six individuals and are handy to hire all year round.

Immerse yourself

Get ready to immerse yourself in a 10 mile 4-hour rafting trip down the Large Salmon River, great whitewater experienced fun-loving guides, entertaining for the whole family, dawn or afternoon.

Riggins Idaho River Rafting trips are the premier whitewater trips in Idaho. Join Orange Torpedo Trips for an exceptional journey on Idaho’s most famous river.